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Growing Impact

What we do

Strategic Connections

With a focus on collaboration and multi-level thinking, we build strategic connections with diverse clients, fostering a deep understanding of their unique needs,

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Assessment and Analysis

We offer organizational assessment, policy and practice review, and data analysis and reporting services, providing a thorough understanding of an organization's

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Development and

Our strategy and implementation services encompass development, sustainability planning, program design and implementation, stakeholder engagement

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How we do it

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Collaborative Problem Solving

Namákota's theory of change involves solving complex problems in businesses, organizations

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Empowering Communities

With a focus on equity, Namákota acts as guests and active listeners in communities recognizing their

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Relationships and Distribution

Namákota helps leaders build authentic relationships and move resources into diverse communities



As our Center began to explore ways to engage on issues of indigenous rights and health, we identified Namákota as a trusted partner to help guide us. Meetings with Namákota were always informative and provided clear background and guidance on how to enter this space in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner. Our team felt that we could ask questions and have open, honest, and constructive conversations and were never rushed. We depended on Namákota to help us foster new relationships, and they did this with grace and cultural competence. While most of the learning came through the process of working closely with Namákota through regular meetings and discussions, the final report prepared and presented to senior management was well received and has already begun to influence our work.

Natalia Linos, Executive Director

The FXB Center for Health & Human Rights at Harvard

About Us

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At Namákota, we empower clients with community-driven solutions for complex social impact issues across sectors.


We collaborate with diverse partners to harness local wisdom and develop healthier, more equitable systems.


Our relationship-focused approach fosters resilience, adaptability, and lasting impact for our clients. By navigating power dynamics and embracing collective action, we help clients transform systems for a brighter, more equitable future.


Experience the benefits of our expertise as we join forces to create meaningful change in your organization and community.

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